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#Wow Tesla Model s vs Porsche 911

Make and Model: 2013 Tesla Model S (available mid-2012)
Class: Seven-passenger (5 adults + 2 children) sport sedan
Configuration: Rear-wheel drive
Engine: None

Interior Highlight: 17-inch HD touch-screen display “like a giant iPad” controls everything

Range: 160 miles (optional 230-mile or 300-mile range available)Outlet requirement:220V or 110VPower:415 Nm (306 ft-lbs) of torqueQuickness:Zero to 60 mph in 5.6 seconds (4.5 seconds promised for future high-performance model)
Top Speed:130 mph
Base Price:$49,900 (after U.S. Federal Tax Credit)Bottom Line:
Welcome to the future.

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